Printed Circuit Board

HEMMI’s printed circuit board products with high quality have been widely used in varies areas including: telecommunication base equipment, railway signal devices and monitoring system, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment and energy related equipment.

Design Services

■Circuit Design

Technicians with rich experience provide responses.

■Pattern Design

Compatible with various CAD systems.

■Restoration Design

Data recovery is available from film, drawing and PCB board.

■Various Simulation

Various simulations are available including SI, PS, EMI.
Improvement proposal is also available.

Design Services

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

■Thick Copper Foil PCB board

Optimal for high current density PCB boards including power supply, invertor and power conditioner etc.

■Environment Friendly PCB

Compatible with Pb-free and UL mark for halogen-free substrate is obtained.

■Board Edge Through-Hole PCB

Applied for space saving and connection between substrates.

■High Performance PCB

High performance PCB can solve technical problems such as high heat resistance, low electricity transmission loss and high thermal conductivity ect.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Components Assembly Services

■Components Assembly

Available from prototype to mass production.
Components procurement is also possible.
Proposal of function checker can be provided.

Components Assembly Services

Global Services

■Overseas PCB

Collaborating with major PCB manufacturing companies including Foxconn Group, We’re able to provide proposal for overseas production PCB.

Global Services

Please feel free to contact us.